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Gates of Olympus Slot Complete Review


  1. Introduction
  2. Format and gambling options
  3. Pros & cons
  4. Pros
  5. Con
  6. Graphics & symbols
  7. How to play this game
  8. Bonuses
  9. Ante bet feature
  10. Multiplier
  11. Free spins
  12. Screenshots
  13. Is Gates of Olympus worth it?
  14. Conclusion
  15. FAQ


gates of olympus slot

Gates of Olympus is the latest release by Pragmatic Play, which is among the most popular casino providers. With this slot machine, you can enter the realm of Zeus and have an immersive online casino experience. The slot Gates has the theme of Ancient Greece and features a lot of its symbols, including Zeus, Athena and other Greek gods. In this complete review of Gates of Olympus, we are going to guide you through the whole process of playing this amazing game from Pragmatic Play. Moreover, we are going to help you get the best of your experience, by explaining to you the whole process of gambling and bonuses.

Format and gambling options

Gates of Olympus is a slot machine that is built around the following format: 5 rows, 6 reels. You can play at this slot machine from 0.20 to 100 credits/ spin. What is more, it has an automatic spins feature, which is really exciting to try out.
In what concerns the gambling options, there are two ways of playing at this slot machine:

  1. In the demo mode
  2. With real money at online casinos.

When it comes to the devices you can use in order to play Gates of Olympus, here they are:

  • PC
  • Android phone
  • Android tablet
  • iOS devices
  • iPhone
  • iPad
gates of olympus official

As you can see, Pragmatic Play has optimised this slot machine for each device, so you can enjoy it from anywhere, anytime. Get started now and get your bonus:

Pros & Cons of Gates of Olympus Top Slot Machine

Just like other slots, Gates of Olympus has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see together the pros and cons of slot Gates:

+96 RTPRepetitive gameplay
Cool theme
Beginner friendly
Available on mobile devices
Huge gains potential

Positive aspects of this slot machine

As we could see above, the slot machine Gates of Olympus offers you multiple advantages.

First of all, the RTP rate is really high and you have real chances of winning. This slot machine offers you the possibility to win up to 5000x your initial investment. All you have to do is to register on an online casino and get started with this version.

Secondly, the game is really beginner friendly, which makes it a perfect choice in the case that you are new in the world of gambling. However, even avid players can get started with this slot.

gates of olympus play

Thirdly, Gates of Olympus is available for any type of device: from PC to mobile. So whether you use Android or iOS, you will be able to play from your favorite device at this slot machine.

Finally, there are huge bonuses for you available in the realm of the Greek gods. These include free spins, welcome bonuses and cashbacks.

The inconvenient of Gates of Olympus

Even if you are an avid player, it is possible to get bored of always having to spin the reels. However, that’s when Pragmatic Play’s automatic spin feature comes into play. With it, you can really simply spin the reels within one click.

Graphics & Symbols of Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus is a top slot machine for the casino lovers. The gameplay is based in Ancient Greece, with Zeus as the main character. Furthermore, this thrilling game is full of action and animations. You will definitely love this choice. 

Gates of Olympus Graphics & Symbols

The game offers really nice graphics, where the ancient Greek gods are featured. In our Olympus review theme, we have discovered that it features Greek Mythology, with Zeus as the main character. The main symbols include:

  1. Zeus Scatter symbols – the main character is the scatter symbol.
  2. Other Greek gods
  3. Precious gems
  4. Hourglasses
  5. Crowns
  6. Rings
  7. Demi gods as additional scatters

The game is really easy to play and very beginner friendly. The graphics are self-explanatory, while the high volatility will help you get bigger winnings. Get started now by claiming your welcome bonus at one of the best casino:

How to play Gates of Olympus?

The game features a really easy to understand interface. Even if you are a beginner, you can play at this slot machine Gates. In the control panel, you will definitely find all the necessary controls, such as the automatic spin. In order to play Gates of Olympus, you have to:

pragmatic play
  1. Find an online casino that has this game and is available in your country.
  2. Register on that online casino, on your PC or from your mobile device.
  3. Claim your welcome bonus and make a deposit on your chosen gambling site.
  4. Start spinning the wheels!

An important aspect is that you do not need to download the game. You can play it from the browser. Registration required for each player.

Bonus features for Gates of Olympus

When you register at an online casino, you will get a lot of bonuses that will help you manage your bankroll and play more at this online slot machine. The game features a lot of bonuses that are available for you if you register. These include: ante bet, a huge total multiplier and free spins features. Let’s discuss each of them in detail:

Ante Bet feature – Bonus

The ante bet feature increases your stake by 25%. Moreover, this means that multiple scatters will be added to the reels – which will make it even easier for you to form winning reels. Pragmatic Play said that the ante bet feature increases your bonus winning chances, so you might give it a try! Get up to five extra free spins and get to the Mount Olympus with this slot or try other slots.

Multiplier feature

When it comes to online games and slots, you have to check the multipliers. These can make the difference. The multiplier bonus feature means that the amount of yours can be increased. The range is between 2x and 500x. If there are multiple multiplier symbols in a single spin, they are all added together, which means that your gains increase a lot.

Free spins feature

As a top slot machine, Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play offers you the possibility to win some free spins during the game. This means that you get more spins and you can have even more fun. This feature is triggered by 3-6 Scatters.

Screenshots of Gates of Olympus Online Slot

gates of olympus slot

Is Gates of Olympus worth trying – Olympus Slot Review by Pragmatic Play

Gates of Olympus online slot offers you the possibility of entering the realm of Zeus and play with real money this slot. The real money Gates Slot offers you to make your maximum bet of 100$, while the minimum bet is .10$.

Regarding how to play Gates of Olympus, the game is pretty intuitive and makes out if it an ideal players land. The tumbling reels will keep you entertained enough. Fresh symbols will keep appearing on the paylines. Watch out for the wild symbol and multiplier symbols, so that you get matching symbols. When the winning symbols vanish, new symbols appear.

gates of olympus demo

Each player may access the Progressives Multipliers, which can be triggered during the game and with a certain amount. If the multipliers get to 500x, the players will win 5000x of their final value player amount.

There are four multiplier symbols and multiple winning combinations. Gates of Olympus slots attract players from all over the world, so we can say that it is among the safest softs available. Give it a try now and get your first deposit bonus at Olympus slot or try the demo mode, which also has the multiplier symbol!

Conclusion on Pragmatic play Gates of Olympus online slot

Once you have decided that you want to gamble on Gates of Olympus slot, you can begin by choosing your sportsbook with a lot of betting options. Begin now with some free spins and then provide your amount of ante bet. So you can start choosing your casino and enjoy to the fullest the Greek Mythology and the special features of this game. However, remember that the game features also a high volatility, so your wins may be higher but less frequent. Get started now with Olympus Online slot by Pragmatic Play and also check the cascade feature.

Gates of Olympus Slot Online FAQs

Discover now the most frequent Olympus slot FAQs and start with the base game at the best online casinos that offer this slot machine and other casino games.

How to win at Gates of Olympus slot machine?

While there is no guarantee that you will win when you play Gates, you can increase your chances by claiming the free spins round and other bonuses Gates of Olympus when you have the chance. Moreover, always search for the scatter symbols to activate the free spins feature and other features.

How to get max win in Gates of Olympus at online casinos?

In order to get the max winning amount in Olympus Gates and other online gambling activities, simply follow a strategy and set a budget.

How to get bonuses at Gates of Olympus and the free spins round?

In order to unlock the free spins bonus round, you have to get 3 Scatter symbols or other multiplier symbols. All types of bonuses are available when it comes to Olympus slot machine! However, remember that the minimum bet is 0.10$, while the maximum win is 500x. When the winning symbols disappear, new symbols will appear. So watch out for them while you play at this Pragmatic Play creation.

Does Gates of Olympus have a deposit bonus?

This entirely depends on the online casinos that you choose. However, you can play Olympus demo anytime in order to see whether this game is for you or not.